Elevate Your Exercise Experience – Meet VI, the AI Personal Trainer with Biosensing Technology

Comprehensive Review of the AI Personal Trainer

In today’s world where technology is playing a huge role in our daily lives, it’s no surprise that it is also changing the way we exercise. The latest addition to the fitness tech industry is Vi, the world’s first AI personal trainer that uses biosensing earphones engineered by Harman Kardon for beautiful sound.

AI-powered Personal Trainer

What sets Vi apart from other fitness technologies is its use of AI software to enhance member engagement, retention, and lifetime value. With a market-leading solution that reaches over 30 million members daily, Vi is dedicated to creating more effective connections between members and digital health enterprises.

Partnerships with Leading Names in the Industry

Vi is not only transforming the fitness industry for individuals but for the entire digital health sector. The company has teamed up with some of the leading names in the industry, including Samsung, Uptum, United Healthcare, Stronger U Nutrition, BlowFlex, Anytime Fitness, and Tivity, offering support for businesses looking to improve their digital health offerings.

Vi Engage Suite of Products

Predictive Analytics and Intervention Optimization

The Vi Engage suite of products is one of the most impressive features of Vi. With this suite, digital health enterprises can predict usage drop-off and attrition risk weeks or months in advance with 87% accuracy. The Intervention Optimization Framework allows teams to configure human and digital intervention sequences rapidly tested across member cohorts, giving businesses the tools they need to optimize their engagement and retention efforts.

Discover the Revolutionary Suite of Products from Vi Trainer

Vi Coach – Vi Play – Vi Muuv – Vi Mind


In conclusion, Vi is revolutionizing the fitness and digital health industries with its AI technology and innovative suite of products. From improving individual fitness journeys to helping businesses increase engagement, retention, and lifetime value, Vi is a game-changer. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a business looking to improve your offerings, Vi is worth checking out.